This tree still has a piece of wood that held a light.

New trees block the view we used to have

 And it is still the most beautiful place in the world.

During reunion 2001 I slept here. I went to check into the hillwinds and I just could not. I drove into town Thursday night about8:00pm. I went to the dutch treat and village store, drove up the hill, sat and watched the sunset. I cried for awhile cried for many things.The sun was going down over the mountain. The stars came out and was safe.I am glad I did this.

The sunset glowed over the mountains until some time after 10:pm. I had fears of catching someone's bad trip or was it a fear of someone's broken heart left behind, some long lost love, forgotten buried deep in someone's mind and heart. And the sunset glowed. The mountains glowed.

Over in the sand I drew a pentagram. It was letting the land know how much I loved it. It was letting the land know I would always love it no matter what happened to it.

Having left my feng shui compass home, I used the stars. All the years there I was never sure of north and south or did I know it and it left my mind?

The night sky was just as vast as I had remembered it. A few shooting stars went by. Did I have a wish? Yes, to rebuild a school in the same place. And how will I do this? I do not know. I don't even know if it is zoned for a school. It see W.O.M.B. send her signal up to a satellite was part of the dream too.Our community would be sending its signal up to the stars. Could the community of our little web group do it together? Or was I to be alone?

The sand pit or the wound is there too. I did not take a photo of it. I feel it is too painful. A group of us did laugh and say that it was dug by people looking for the stash.

Fred showed us where his wire for the radio station is buried. W.O.M.B. Is still with me today.

We held hands in a group and Laurie gave us a grounding ceremony. She was so beautiful doing it. We all bent down to gather the chi and many knees cracked. We are still together after all this time, reunited by Fred's simple message board.

when i tell people," i am going up to new hampshire." they say, "oh i love vermont." and i say....."vermont is a nice place to drive thru to get to new hampshire."

painting i did when i got home