ART Classes and Workshops


Fridays at 3:00pm to 5:30 pm

basic drawing and painting.

$150 for 10classes

Saturdays 10:30 am to 1:00pm

workshop $195 for 10sessions plus model fee.the more people in class the more the model fee goes down.



coming soon

all day workshops. Outside workshops with model. Advance classes to wake up the creativity inside and see things differently.

There is much to the soul of an artist. It is more than the work. We talk and laugh and work hard at what we do. The soul is in the work.


You will need, an easel, paper for drawing, charcoal or conte crayon, canvas,drawing board and paints.

Most workshops and classes are given in cold environments. This is in my house a 300 year old mill. The beams are beautiful on their own. The feeling is made for art. I am on the water. Open the door and there are boats. I also know how to build sets and have many props, no need to draw and paint the same old thing.

How to Photograph Art work

you need

35mm camera with built in light meter

35mm tungsten balanced film ASA 64


tungsten lights on lightstands (3200 kelvin)


put artwork on a clean black background

measure light making sure it is even on all 4 sides

best to use an aperture setting of F8